Demarest Culture Studies Section

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All Members , Moderated
Meetings are on every Tuesday at 9 pm in the Main Basement Lounge of Demarest Hall.

Culture Studies is an interdisciplinary section geared toward advanced thinking about culture. The section will examine culture through sociological, anthropological, scientific, and political lenses. Its goal is to bring members to an understanding of culture as the defining context in social reality and to see how this context influences every aspect of social interaction on macro and micro levels. These intentions will be met through projects, discussions, presentations, and programs that are formulated and guided by the section leader and section members. All meetings are open to anyone and are either guided by the section leader or a section member who has been chosen to study a specific topic. Our focus is not only geared toward learning about the general aspects of different culture, rather we take these aspects, whether they be racial, political, gender oriented, religious, etc., and place them under a critical lens as we try to create a better grasp of the human experience. We are interested in how culture constitutes social action and ideology. We are also interested in the problems that revolve around cultural interaction, such as ethnocentrism. It is our prime directive to have each member leave the section with a better sense of the diverse social world around them, giving them keys to understand the various experiences of other people.